Calgel Nails

Perfect nail colour services and repairs.

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Calgel Nails

Calgel is formulated from a blend of organic chemical compounds which produce a unique nail styling product that will enhance your nails safely.

This flexible and durable U.V. cured gel will strengthen and protect your natural nails. You can even have your natural nails extended with Calgel without using an artificial nail tip. Specially formulated, Calgel will not affect the metabolic action of your natural nail and can be easily removed without the slightest damage or trauma to your nails..


Full Set of Calgel Nail Extensions £38
Calgel Colour/French Coating £28
Infill Colour/French £25
Calgel Clear Coating £23
Calgel Clear Coating with polish £25
Calgel Toes £23
Toes Infill £20
Calcrystal (to protect clear/French coating) £8.50

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Service Price
Natural Nail Repair £2.50
Tip & Coating £3.50
Coating only £2.50
Soak Off Only £15
Soak Off with new coating £8
Custom made colours & glitters extra £2
Toes Infill £20
Calgel Nail Home Care Maintenance kit £25

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