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Specialist laser treatment packages to rejuvenate older skin

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Who says you are only young once?

Holderness Laser Clinic offers the next level of skin rejuvenation and anti-aging technology.

Holderness Laser Clinic treatments provide customers with choices to best meet their individual needs with personal skin care goals to help combat the aging process of the skin.

Our advanced anti-aging combination therapy package works by combining the latest idebenone superceutical peels, advanced intense pulsed light therapy, and powerful non-surgical face lifts all designed to restore skin health and fitness. Holderness Laser Clinic is ofeering a clinically proven, safe, effective powerful anti-aging package that is the triathlon of skin fitness raising the bar for anti-aging skin treatments. Ideal for a variety of skin concerns including adult acne, sun damage, uneven pigmentation and prematurely aged skin.

Package Price

Course of Treatments Price
Worth £1926.50 - Save over £600 when bought together Only £1286

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The Package Includes

A trio of Priori superceutical idebenone home care products(subject to skin consultation) including:

  • Idebenone Cleanser designed to enhance skin barrier function, exfoliating state of the art skin cleansing.
  • Idebenone Smooth Lines a high performance anti-aging cream that excels at smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Idebenone moisturising cream a superior moisturising cream provides immediate and long lasting skin moisturisation
  • Priori AHA Daily Defence SPF30 (Normally £173.45).

Scheduled visits to the clinic over a six month period are required (shorter courses are available)

Six Idebenone Superceutical Peels:

Ideal for those who have reached a plateau with their current skin treatments. Provides a dramatic and visible result, reveals a fresh, glowing, hydrated complexion. (Normally £240 for course off six)

Six Intense Pulsed Light:

Advanced skin rejuvenation that will target sun damage, uneven pigmentation and redness. Will also stimulate collagen production. For a smoother, fresher look. (Normally £600 for a course of six)

Non-Surgical Face Lift:

Restores muscles strength, increases the naturasl production of collagen and improves elasticity in the skin. Helps to restore a youthful appreance by (normally £360 for a course of ten) includes Vitage enzyme face left in a jar mask instantly boosts, energises and firms (normally £60 each)

To begin your 'Who says you're only young once package' call Holderness Laser Clinic on 01482 654863 for your free consultation

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