Vitage Enzyme Masks

Firm & hydrate skin whilst slowing the effects of ageing

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Vitage Enzyme Masks - "The Face Lift In A Jar"

Ideal for an instant lift before a special occasion to give the skin a boost.

This is the ultimate Vitage treatment to repair and prevent ageing of the skin.

All skin types that are concerned about ageing would benefit. This special treatment incorporates our popular and effective Vitage Enzyme Lifting mask that energises, firms and hydrates the skin, giving the skin an instant boost, to ensure the complexion is stimulated, smoothed and rejuvenated. The homecare range combines vitamin C products and skin protectors to provide a regime to re-ignite your skin care routine.

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Vitage advanced anti-oxidant age defence enzyme mask facial for normal/mature skin

Treatment Single 6 Sessions Save 50% Extra
Enzyme Mask £60 £240 £40

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Vitage Body Lifting Treatment: For Buttocks, Thighs or Stomach

A Cocktail of enzymes and antioxidants re-invigorate the skin, helping to instantly lift and tone contours and improve the appearance of cellulite

This re-energising treatment improves skin clarity making it beneficial for sun damage, uneven skin tone and loose skin. A wonderful one off body boost or for superior results a course of 6-8 is recommended.

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